At Old King Cole Window Cleaning Perth, we have developed a reputation with our commercial clients to maintain their most valuable assets by ensuring their premises are kept looking great. From retail shops to multi level buildings, we can access glass up to 30 metres from ground level using our purified water through our “Water Fed Pole” equipment.

We also are certified in Working with Heights and licensed to use EWP, therefore we’re happy to get up there and give your commercial building a new lease for life if our “Water Fed Pole” doesn’t do the job!

We have Public Liability Insurance of $20,000,000.

Cleaning windows, solar panels, awkward and high windows.

We use Alpha waterfed poles, which not only allow us to reach heights many other window cleaning companies can’t, but they also allow us to give your windows an amazingly thorough clean and sparkling finish.

Glass repels water reasonably well, however particles of dirt and dust stick to the glass over time and the best way to remove that dust is with a soft brush and pure water.

How this works: Resin beads are placed into the blue cylinder and water is filtered first through a charcoal filter to remove some solids in the water. Then the water passes through the blue chamber containing the resin beads which remove the remaining impurities resulting in 100% pure water. This water is then mixed with a mild drying agent and then fed to a soft brush on the end of the water fed pole.

The Result? Gleaming windows. No ladders, no walking over your roof tiles to get to high windows and solar panels. We can navigate around your commercial building, as we can work up to 130 metres from a water source.

We cater to all kinds  of clients, and can perform many other services in addition to commercial window cleaning.

  • Builders’ Cleans: We work with many residential and commercial building companies prior to hand over to their clients. It may be simply a basic window clean, or a full clean to remove glazing stickers, plaster or render residue from glass and tracks.
  • Office Buildings: We can cover single, 2 story, 3 story or higher office building window cleans.
  • Solar Panels: Dirty solar panels won’t work at their optimal performance. We can improve the output and efficiency of your panels.

  • Facade cleaning and pressure washing
  • Bore water stain removal
  • Signage cleaning
  • Flyscreen repairs
  • Patio blinds
  • Pool fencing
  • Mirrors
  • Spider web removal

Why do our customers keep coming back to us year after year? Why do they keep referring us to friends and family? (referrals account for over 80% of our business). Read some of the many reviews we receive from satisfied clients.

"The guys came on time and did an excellent job inside and out.. Thoroughly recommended"

− Nina

"Very happy with his service, and does a great job will recommend him to friends and family"

− Michael

"My single story home windows were cleaned by Graham. He provided a professional service and did a fantastic job. Would definitely recommend this business."

− Victoria

"Thanks must go to Graham who did a fantastic job today - it's so nice being able to see through all my windows without looking at dirt and grubby finger marks."

− Pam